Flooring Marble

In general, every land in Karnataka is divided into 2 main segments depending on their designated use:

Agricultural land: A piece of land which can be utilised only for agricultural purposes by the farmers. Orginally, all land in Karnataka was agricultural land.

Non agricultural land: A piece of land that can be utilised for either Residential, Commercial or Industrial purposes. Any land for this purpose needs to be converted from agricultural land to non agricultural land.

Further to this, the non agricultural land can be divided into 4 major segments:

A Khata property: A BBMP approved property which has conformed all the laws and regulations and has paid all the taxes till date to the government

B Khata property: A property having a certificate from the BBMP which has not conformed all the laws and regulations, but has paid its due to the civic body and finds a mention in the ‘B’ register of the BBMP

E Khata property: A property on the outskirts of the city approved by BMRDA conforming the nexessary laws of regulation of BMRDA

Panchayat Khata property: A property in the outskirts of the city which is in village limits and is governed by the panchayats

Building a house in an A Khata property is the most straightforward and legal. Remaining all plots have their own complications attached to it